The South Downs Way


Polythene 37p
Socks 85p
Vosene 16p
Fell Boots 2.99
Deodorant 14p
Matches 1.5p
Films 3.81 (1.27 each)
Tube (Stanmore) 30p
Train 1.30
Soup and spud 14.5p


Train 1.40 (50?)
Tube 10p
Train 35p


Wednesday 12th September 1973

Work out on lawn. Slept out - OK.

Thursday 13th 1973

We planned to leave for Petersfield today, but by 4:30 I still hadn't finished packing my rucksack. AJT had already done his, so he suggested postponing our departure for a day. We slept indoors today, after having a meal at the Indian restaurant.

Friday 14th September 1973

Breakfast was a bit slow, and having to rush over the Stockwells to see if their rucksack was any good (which it wasn't), we got off after an early lunch at about 13:00 hours from Stanmore.

Arrived in Waterloo at about 14:00 hrs, and train left for Guildford (at 15:00 hrs), for Petersfield (16:00 hrs).

Bought soup and 1p worth of spuds and set off for Buriton through fields and cow dung etc.etc. Arrived at B at 17:30 hrs, bought drinks, stamps etc, and then set off at about 16:00 for Sunwood farm, and then on towards South Harting. We stopped near a farm (---), made a fire and burnt our potatoes (4 of them) and 2 curry pies which M had given us followed by a cup of black coffee. I found a dead dog while we were looking for firewood. We stopped at about 19:00hrs and slept about ??? hours. We reckon, at the mo, without looking at the map for checking, that we've done 6 miles today.

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