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Inglish Food!!

These are the culinary jottings of that well known Inglish gastro-gnome and bon viveur: Mad Hair Geoffrey


Samosa Skins
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Here you can see the samosa skins being cooked on one side, as per the instructions of Mrs. Khan.

Samosas in fear for their lives
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This is a pile of samosas; some have been stuffed and are awaiting their fate and others are in the process of being stuffed. In the background, you can see the tome containing the writings of the revered Mrs. Khan, as recorded by her sometime errant son Juan Jose Aamir.

Samosas in fear for their lives
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I can't stand this! These samosas are being fried alive!

Sag Aloo!!

There are no pictures of this (the public is not ready!). The recipe was based on that provided by Moto and 'Hen' Ahmed from the remote province of Glah Sgoh (near the Punjab border).

The original recipe called for:
Saag Ingredients

2 bunches of sarso - mustard leaves
2 bunches of palak - spinach
1 bunch of meethi - Fenugreek
8-9 hurya Mircha - green chillies
little coriander
2 potatoes

But we know better than this, as Sag Aloo is a well known Inglish dish. So we left out the mustard leaves (what were they thinking!!), used Ruby Chard instead of spinach, did not have any fenugreek, used red chillies, but apart from these, we generally followed their somewhat flawed method.

Needless to say, the end result was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!

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